Club Promotion

For more details about Club Promotion, read on Let The World Know available from resource library.

To promote your club’s activities to Toastmasters and would-be Toastmasters from Singapore and beyond, the first thought on one’s mind may be: let’s have a social media presence. The second thought may be: let’s have our own website. The third thought may be: let’s organise an open house. Let’s look at these and then some more.

Finding out about your Toastmasters Club Activities

Nowadays, finding out about Toastmasters in general and your Toastmasters Club activities usually starts with a web search engine. Let’s look at how this play out for:

  • Clubs with restricted membership
  • Clubs with open membership and little time on their hands
  • Clubs with open membership and more time on their hands
  • Clubs with open membership, willing people and deeper pockets

Clubs with Restricted Membership

With their restricted membership, Corporate Clubs and other clubs with restricted membership traditionally sport a limited presence on the Internet. That’s all well and fine.

If your organisation has an internal social media facility such as Yammer, the club officers should look into setting up shop via a Yammer Group. An internal website will do a great job as well.

For such clubs, word of mouth, membership building workshops and one on one coffee machine discussions are most likely best suited to spread the word about the benefits of the Toasmasters International education program.

Do take care of publicizing your upcoming events via the platform(s) best suited to spread the word about what’s on and upcoming at your organisation.

Clubs With Open Membership and Little Time on Their Hands

The avenues to let the world (and Singapore) know about the happenings at your club are many. Well established clubs have well established websites, Facebook pages and Instagram feeds that may be intimidating at first as you think about the amount of work that goes into it. Take a deep breath and understand this did not happen overnight: it took many years of consistent effort for such established presence to be built over time.

The advice will be: start small, be consistent year on year, and leave a legacy that will be a stepping stone for the next club officer team to build upon.

Begin With… The Word of Mouth

Forget about the internet and digital communication for a moment: do craft and engineer each meeting as quality, memorable and pleasurable moment. So much so that it will motivate each club member of your fledgling, burgeoning, nascent Toastmasters club to talk about what happened there and then to their friends, family and colleagues.

Meetings so memorable and enjoyable that guests and members alike will be pleased to share about impromptu on social media, blogs , within their family circle, professional arena or fellows and friends. This is the legacy keystone to further growth.

Next… Communicate about when your next club meetings are…

… And more importantly communicate about why they are taking place! You may think about event hosting platforms such as Eventbrite or Meetup. Have you thought about Google My Business Account? And what about

Is your club short on resources? You are not alone! Focus on those three avenues at no cost to increase the visibility of your events and of your club activities:

  1. Google My Business Account

1. Google My Business Account | Free micro-website

Google G Suite is bundled with a Gmail address. Google G Suite includes a tool of choice to engage with your potential guests and visitors on Google for free. It’s My Business. With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps:

  • Create your micro-website to showcase your activities, explain your purpose of a Toastmaster Club and motivate guests to visit
  • Create short posts visible for two weeks about your next event
  • Definitely improve the odds of being found out by Internet users searching for a Toastmasters Club in their vicinity.

2. Eventbrite | Free event listing page

Go to and create a beautiful event listing page for your Toastmasters club, with analytics and support. Eventbrite is free to use for free events and has built-in payment processing for paying ones.

Create an event today!

3. Create your first website on | Free website hosting service

Visit to request for your website today. Then update the meeting information section and the home page as soon as possible.

FreeToastHost is a webhost specifically for Toastmasters clubs and districts anywhere in the world. Websites use the domain name for any club website. Each website comes with easy-to-use web-based software ideal for any Toastmasters club. So long as your club is listed on, there is no-cost for this service.

Over 11,000 Toastmasters clubs around the world benefit from the no-cost websites and on-line tools provided by FreeToastHost, a website hosting service supported by Toastmasters International. Online tools include event listing, meeting agenda, member directory, e-mail lists, club calendars.

Clubs With Open Membership And More Time on Their Hands

These clubs go social. They have one, two or three people within their ranks that are passionate about Social Media and are keen to grow the digital footprint of the club via social media outreach.


For clubs with modest spending capabilities, the big plus of Social Media is that most of it is free of charge and your Toastmasters Club activities can be showcased to different audiences (friends, professionals, young adults, etc.) using different platforms, enhancing the outreach potential of your club

The Demographic Decider . The audience demographics of each social media platform may help you determine which platform is right for your business.

  • As of September 2019, Facebook’s user base is nearly twice the user base of the second most popular social media platform, Instagram.
  • Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, with 47% of those users being over the age of 35.
  • Twitter, in comparison, have 271 million users worldwide, with 35% of those users being aged between 18 and 29.
  • Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users, and of that number a whopping 59% are between ages 18 and 29.
  • LinkedIn currently has around 550 million users and has been around longer than Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn, however, sits apart from the other social media platforms as it is a business-focused site.

Regular updates. Whatever your choice of social media platform, sharing content regularly is the key to your ability to reach out and entice your followers to visit your club and ultimately become a club member. The person(s) in charge of social media must be committed to updating the social media feed of one platform or another.

Creative Ways to Share Content on Social Media

What one needs to think about is variety as well as content relevance to the social media platform. Not all content needs to be shared everywhere. And not all content is suitable for every social media platforms. Posting entirely different things on different platforms might even help you with boosting the audience ‘s engagement across platforms.

Here are some ways to generate public and fans engagement. Ideally, these will need to be tailored to the platform:

  • Create a how-to video
  • Curate user-generated content
  • Interview someone (live)
  • Organise a social contest, poll your audience
  • Post 360 photos and videos
  • Post a meaningful quote from a blog post
  • Share relevant, helpful infographic
  • Turn a blog post into a video
  • Use a self-explanatory image
  • Share your follower’s posts


Create your Club’s Facebook Page. Name it wisely. Set your priorities in order: first create a recurring event listing. Then create awareness around those events.

  • Facebook events: make sure a year (or more )worth of event is being scheduled on your Facebook page. Refresh the event content closer to the date for the couple of coming-up-next events.
  • On Facebook, videos tend to record higher average engagement than images and links. One way to use your Toastmasters Club Facebook Page is to focus on creating educational videos :
    • How-to guides: Pathways 101, Evaluate to Motivate, answer a Table Topics question…
    • Blog post summaries: For these videos, summarize the key ideas from your blog posts and turn them into short video clips.
  • After videos, blog posts and curated high-quality (proven) content are the next types of posts that do well on a Toastmasters Club Facebook Page.


Instragram is the platform of choice to interact with 18- to 29- year old adults To quote Facebook:

Instagrammers appreciate aesthetic quality in visual content and will often make the effort to transform the banal into a thing of beauty. Brands seeking to engage […] young adults will want to offer an organic experience by aiming for quality, too. Images and video will ideally be beautiful, thoughtfully composed and artfully presented.

While it’s important to have a consistent theme for your Instagram profile, you can be a little flexible with your Instagram Stories. That’s because they would disappear after 24 hours.`

  • Storytelling,
  • Promote a blog post,
  • Share a list
  • Share how-to tutorials,
  • Share quotes and inspiration,
  • Share data, research, and statistics
  • Share announcements, news, and updates

Clubs With Open Membership, Willing People and Deeper Pockets

For those clubs rich in resources, the sky is the limit. They have the know how and

  • They will invest in their website by designing, building and maintaining their own website using their preferred content management system (e.g. WordPress) and their preferred web hosting services.
  • They will blog about leadership, communication and any other topic related to more than 300 competencies that Pathways has to offer.
  • They will invest in a Meetup platform account to invite more people to learn about and join Toastmasters so to journey on their communication and leadership, together. After a few years, the Meetup community may count more than 700 members, leading to a continuous flow of visiting guests meeting after meeting.
  • They will craft and design content specific to each social platform they have chosen to establish a presence within: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr…

For more details about Club Promotion, read on Let The World Know available from resource library