Create A Quality Club

Some clubs disappear within 12 or 18 months of their chartering. Meanwhile, some clubs live on for decades: some delivering a consistent experience year on year, some delivering waning and waxing outcomes from one year to the next.

These mixed outcomes are the products of the intrinsic culture and quality of each individual club. At the heart of a Toastmasters Club, we find its people: club members and club officers, all potential club leaders. A club that thrives is a club where its leaders deliver quality outcomes to its members.

A thriving quality club rests on these solid foundations:

  • Trained club officers who individually know what their role and responsibilities are and who can collectively work as one team toward achieving club goals and objectives,
  • Club leaders willing to schedule and organise activities that guarantee both an engaging club experience at each meeting and an enticing education program through the term,
  • Club promotion and club outreach activities
  • Periodic Club health checks to foster reflection, critical thinking and action

Club Officer Roles

The key to any successful club is the leadership of the club, and a large part of the Toastmasters program is building leadership skills: being an officer in a club is one of the most effective — and rewarding — ways both to build your leadership skills and to help your club reach its goals.

Plan For Club Success

As the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’ . To make their club a successful one through the 12 months of their term, Club Officers are asked to work together as a team. As such, they need to focus their energy early on in the term on a couple of mission critical activities:

  • Defining a vision, mission and value statement
  • Creating a Club Success Plan, assigning ownership and due completion dates
  • Planning for engaging and diverse meetings

The Successful Club Series is a set of 10-15 minute educational speeches focused on improving the quality of club meetings, with tips on attracting and maintaining members. Available as free downloads.

Plan Your Club Promotion

The overall health of a club depends very much on the number of active members in that club. Having a larger number of members in your club generally translates into more energetic and interesting meetings, which in turns leads to a higher level of satisfaction among your club’s members. Gaining new members, therefore, is a critical aspect of managing your club, and promoting your club is probably the best way to attract new members.

Conduct A Club’s Health Check With Moments Of Truth

The Moments of Truth is your club’s guide to delivering quality service and outstanding member experiences. It is available in multiple languages for free as a download in the Toastmasters Online Store. As part of The Successful Club Series, the guide states: A high-quality club encourages and celebrates member achievement, provides a supportive and fun environment and offers a professionally organized meeting with variety. In those clubs, officers are trained in all aspects of club quality to ensure that members have access to a formal mentoring program, are provided evaluations that help them grow and are motivated to achieve their goals.

To better understand the underlying elements that influence club quality, consider the six critical points as outlined in the Moments of Truth, and how four clubs leverage them to keep members engaged.