Club Officer Training and Resources

Browse the Club Officer Training Schedule page to find more about the dates and locations of Club Officer Training for both season 1 and season 2.

Why Train Club Officers?

Club members are best served by Club leaders who benefited from consistent, professional training that supports the brand, enhances member experience, and helps them grow as leaders.

When Is Club Officer Training Happening?

Districts must train club officers twice per year.

  • The first training season runs from 1st June through to 31 August
  • The second training season runs from 1st December through to 28 February

Clubs with officers attending training receive credit toward the training goal in the Distinguished Club Program.

In order for clubs to receive credit, the district’s Program Quality Director must record the training information online at District Central under the Club Officer Training Report.

Division Directors record the training information online by:

  • September 30: for June through August training period (changes accepted until October 31.)
  • March 31: for November through February training period (changes accepted until May 31.)

Club Officer Training resources

The materials provided by Toastmasters International are the standard of quality and consistency that should make up the core of district-sponsored club officer training.

Visit our Club Officer Training resources page to view club officer training materials. The core sessions of club officer training can be supported by additional Training Activities. Though not all topics must be covered in each round of club officer training, always include the Club Officer Role Breakouts. Use Training Club Leaders (Item 217) and Leading the Club to Success as a resource for planning.

Part of The Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club, and recognize and deal with situations critical to club success in English. Access the manual here.

Toastmasters International Branding

The Toastmasters logomark and brand is known worldwide. It is important to uphold its consistency to stay true to its values and value proposition. 

Access the Brand Manual:

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