A speechcraft program is designed to teach public speaking skills to members and non-members.

The program can be conducted for four or six or eight weeks (sessions) as decided by the Speechcraft Coordinator. For members, the program acts as a refresher course to build basic public speaking skills and for non-members, it acts as an introduction to Toastmasters. Over the years, speechcraft has proven to help in building club membership. Many non-members have joined clubs after participating in the speechcraft program.

Speechcraft also provides various communication and leadership opportunities to your club members thereby enhancing meeting quality, meeting attendance and improving membership retention. It requires support from most of your club members. The Speechcraft Coordinator, for example, earns credit toward his/her DTM award.

 Is your club planning to organize a Speechcraft? You can buy the Speechcraft bundle here.

 Here are a few guides to help you plan and prepare for the speechcraft program

  1. Speechcraft content overview
  2. Speechcraft Coordinator’s Guide
  3. Speechcraft Participant’s Guide
  4. Each speech completed by the participant during the Speechcraft program can add credit to his / her pathways journey once they enrol as a member. Here’s how 

Learn more about the all new Speechcraft Digital experience here.

Questions? Please write to d80cgd@gmail.com

Digital Speechcraft Coordinator

Lisa Wong,

Club Quality Chair

Wekie Tay, DTM