Club Coach Program

The Club Coach Program is undertaken by experienced Toastmasters to help struggling clubs to improve their membership and overall meeting experiences.

Program regulations

●       A club coach may only be assigned by the District Director or the Club Growth Director.

●       A club must have at least one but not more than 12 members when a coach is appointed, and the coach cannot be a member of that club until their appointment request has been processed.

●       Up to two coaches may be appointed to a club.

●       The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current program year if the club becomes Distinguished or better. If Distinguished club status is not reached in the initial program year, the assignment will be extended to June 30 of the following program year.

Program recognition

●       Each club coach receives a pin upon assignment. This is a recognition from Toastmasters International. 

●       After successfully completing the assignment, each club coach earns a credit toward his / her DTM award. A certificate will be sent to each club coach upon successful completion.

●       In addition, please note that, for coaches for the 2021-22 program year, effective July 1, 2021, coaches can also earn District leader credit in addition to the club support credit if the club coach meets all the following criteria:  

○       Help the club achieve Distinguished or better status by June 30, 2022

○       Help the club reach a minimum of 20 paid members by June 30, 2022

○       Serve a minimum of six months in the coach role

Are you interested in serving as a club coach for a club in District 80 and growing as a leader? Send an email to

 Club Coach FAQs

More questions? Please write to

Club Coach Chair

Ramanpreet Kaur Bhatia, DTM

Club Retention Chair

Stanley Chen, DTM