Club Ambassador Award

Term 2021-2022

Are you looking to:

  • Learn different speaking styles from other clubs and advance your speaking skills?
  • Deliver your speech in front of unfamiliar audiences and gain new experiences?
  • Observe how other Toastmasters clubs run their meetings?

The D80 Club Ambassador Program is what you are looking for!

This program encourages members to visit and support any club in District 80, to actively participate in their meetings, and share the newfound knowledge with their home club.

Visiting other clubs is an opportunity for:

  • View new speaking styles and different ways of running a club meeting
  • Exchange ideas with a new group of members
  • Gain Toastmasters experience in an unfamiliar setting
Making An Impact
  • Assist other clubs to grow by sharing your Toastmasters experience
  • Bring diverse and vibrant creativity to other clubs
  • Rejuvenate one’s home club by bringing back the newfound knowledge


How do you participate?

Step 1: Contact a club

To help you find a club to visit, a list of club meeting times and contacts is provided here. Remember to first email the club officer about visiting their Toastmasters club for the D80 Club Ambassador Program.

Step 2: Visit a club to earn points

During your visit, observe 3 unique things that are different from your home club and enjoy the experience!
Take on an assigned meeting role to get more points. Click here

Step 3: Submit your club visit form

After your visit, you must submit your form in order to receive points. Please submit the form within 7 days of your visit. Click Here

Your points will be updated quarterly.


  1. An Area Director and/or Division Director visiting clubs within their own area or division is not eligible to earn Ambassador points for their visits.
  2. Club Coach visiting the clubs that they are coaching is not eligible to earn Ambassador Points for their visits.
  3. Any Club Member, attending their own club, does not count towards the Club Ambassador Program.
  4. When a Club Member visits another D80 Toastmasters Club, you are eligible to earn Ambassador points during the first two visits to the same club provided the role is different.
  5. This Club Ambassador program is for District 80 clubs attendance only.

Point Calculator

Once the visit is verified, a Club Ambassador will earn points by the formula below:

Total Points Earned = Action Points x Multiplier

Points are counted for the visits between 01/10/2021– 30/05/2022. The award will be announced quarterly.

Action Points

The points you will earn when visiting a club depend on your participation level.


Your participation is also an inspiration to the Toastmasters clubs you visit! Particularly, clubs with fewer members would greatly appreciate the experiences you share with them. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the clubs with fewer members by multiplying your Ambassador points.

The multiplier is dependent on the visited club’s official membership on the date of your visit. Check out the club details here.

Example: If you conducted a workshop in a club with 8 members, you will get 4 points for your visit (2*2=4).


  • Ambassador of the Year Award for the Top 10 participants who earned more than 100 points will be recognized at the at Hall of Fame 2022.
  • Diamond Award for the top points earner: Toastmaster Heroes Jacket ( value $50)
  • Emerald Award for the second-most points earner: Toastmasters Tie/ scarf (value $32)
  • Sapphire Award for the third-most points earner: Portable Power Bank(value $20)
  • Amber Award for the fourth-most points earner: Pen and Pencil Set ( value $12)


The scoreboard will be updated on District Social Media platforms.

Please check out the December scoreboard after the second week of January 2022.

Please check out the March Scoreboard after the second week of April 2022.

Please check out the May Scoreboard after the second week of June 2022.


If you’d like to learn more or have any questions about the D80 Club Ambassador Program, please contact our Club Growth Team at D80cgd@d80dprm