District Executive Council (DEC) Meeting & District Officers’ Training

District 80 Toastmasters held our annual District Executive Council (DEC) Meeting and District Officer’s Training (DOT) last weekend on 6 July 2019 at the The Young Women’s Christian Association Of Singapore (YWCA)

It was a day to remember, as many rich exchanges took place, many friendships rekindled and even more pleasant memories made. Everyone in attendance benefited from the sharing by very senior Toastmasters and younger ones alike.

In all, one thing was unmistakeable – the unity of the District and dedication to serve in each’s respective office was evident and may this take Toastmasters District 80 to even greater success this term!

Please enjoy the video below, marvellously put together by the photography team comprising of Toastmasters Danny Ng, Peter Ng and Teo Ging Siang!

Unity – One Community (Ernest Chen, DTM – D80 Director)

DEC Meeting and DOT Video (6 July 2019, YWCA, Singapore)

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