A Tribute To Gerald Green, DTM, AS

Gerald Green, Toastmasters International’s first and only accredited speaker outside the United States and Canada since 1994, has passed on to the afterlife on 17th September, 2017 at the age of 78.



Distinguished Toastmaster Gerald Green, Accredited Speaker, Past Territorial Council Chairman, was the man who brought Toastmasters to, and initiated the first Toastmasters Club in Malaysia in 1978. During the early days, he travelled to Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore to form the Pan-Southeast Asia Territorial Council that merged the Toastmasters Clubs from these three countries together with Malaysia to form District 51 (Southeast Asia District). He was then its first chairman. He was not only the pillar of District 51, furthering on to District 80, 87, 97P and 102.


He was affectionately known as Papa (Daddy) Gerald Green in the Toastmasters fraternity in this region.


A loving husband, and father of three, he authored three books, titled The Magic of Public Speaking, My Pocket Speaker’s Brief, and Speak Like A True Leader. His life revolved around writing and speaking.


Being an outstanding Toastmaster, his passion lies in the never-ending journey to help other people improve themselves. This is resonated in his own words, “I don’t have to be first anymore, I just have to be available.” At the District 80 Annual Convention in year 2012, Papa Gerald Green reiterated the need to take good care of members’ growth whilst going after membership growth in his speech delivery. “Please think of the Toastmaster individual who needs proper development” he said. Papa Gerald Green then went on to remind members, while he can tell, all of us have to do it ourselves, by sharing his favorite poem.


You can love me, but I must make me happy.

You can teach me, but I must do the learning.

You can guide me, but I will have to walk that path.

You can coach me, but I must win that game.

You can promote me, but I must be successful.

You can even pity me, but I will have to bear the sorrow.


For the gift of love is not the food that feeds me;

Its the sunshine that nourishes for I must finally harvest for myself.

So if you love me, don’t just sing me a song;

Teach me to sing, for when I am alone, I will need the melody.


RIP our friend, we here in District 80 will miss you dearly. Your words and sage advice will remain in our hearts.


Achievements (source from http://www.toastmasters.org):

  • Presidential Citation in 1993 (Toronto) for merging Toastmasters from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, eventually becoming District 51 – largest & No.1 District for five consecutive years.
  • Featured Speaker – 1997 Convention New Orleans.
  • Delivered Inspiration at Opening Ceremony and was chief judge for the Accredited Speaker Program at 2014 Convention in Kuala Lumpur.

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