In Loving Memory

Dear District 80 Toastmasters,


This week, with sadness, we had lost a stalwart and a pillar of our District. Past District Governor (2010-2011), Distinguished Toastmaster Aziz Mustajab, had left us on 28 August 2017.



DTM Aziz, affectionately known as the “Rocker” in District 80, joined the organization in May 1992. And, as with most who signed up to become a member, two of the main reasons he cited are: to further develop his public speaking skills; and hone his effective listening and quick thinking abilities. Over time, aside from having achieved his goals, he observed that his membership has given him not only greater self-confidence but a much heightened stage presence as well. He reached the zenith of the leadership ladder at District 80 when he became the District Governor in 2010-2011. After his stint, he continued to be visible at District events and still held positions at various levels too. He said that he will definitely recommend membership to Toastmasters to anyone who aspires to be an effective public speaker because he or she can never find a better training ground to develop those skills than with this well-established, non-profit organization called Toastmasters International. He further asserts that the real awards and benefits he received from the group are worth their weight in gold and they are: be a life-long Toastmaster, be a life-long benefactor.


DTM Aziz will be sadly missed by us all in District 80.


Appointments Held:

Term 2011/2012 – Immediate Past District Governor

Term 2010/2011 – District Governor (DG)

Term 2009/2010 – Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (LGET)

Term 2008/2009 – Lieutenant Governor Marketing (LGM)

Term 2007/2008 – Division Z Governor



Toastmasters International Excellence in Marketing Award (2008-2009)

Toastmasters International Excellence in Education and Training Award (2009-2010)


Fondly remembered by friends in District 80…….


You always hear that in death, the Dearly Departed, has gone to a better place.  My Friend and Brother Abdul Aziz Bin Mustajab DTM, District 80 PDG, made life a better place for himself and all those who were acquainted with him.

Abang Aziz never had a harsh word for anyone and he would laugh away any trouble or problems that came his way.  He was devoted to bring joy and fun wherever he went, even in time of sickness, and that was how he established himself as a District 80 Senior District Officer from 2008 to 2012.  His service to the District was all about having a wonderful time and spreading the fun around.

Aziz is sadly missed by all, Friends, Toastmasters and acquaintances.  I miss him greatly because he taught me that life is about enjoying the time we have, nothing is more important than making it fruitful and spreading the joy. I always said that my Friend would have a long and stressful life and how much I envied him.  But now he is gone, he has left behind a void in my life which is going to be very trying to refill.

My Friend and Brother, I don’t know if you are in a better place but I know that you have left me with a wish to find out and see you when it is time for me to join you.  Is it a Better Place Abang?

Adios, Abang Aziz, berjumpa-lagi, until we meet again.

Mike Rodrigues

District 80 Past District Governor (2010-2011)


Shortly after I joined Toastmasters in 1994, DTM Aziz became the first Division B Governor when Singapore split from 1 Division to 3 Divisions.

We were involved in organizing many activities. He has no airs in him.

DTM Aziz was a soft spoken guy with a lot of friendly naughty zest in him. Always enjoyed his jokes.

A nice leader who I will miss. Take care Aziz.

Patrick Oei

Past International Director, Region 14 (2014-2016)


DTM Aziz was the pivotal influence behind the setting up of Jauhari Bilingual Toastmasters. He initiated the project in 2013. We finally found the club in June 2014, with him being one of its charter members. He was made the club patron in 2015.

Mohamad Hijazi

District 80 Public Relations Manager (2016-2017)


Aziz was a nice and jovial person. Whenever he was around, you wouldn’t feel bored.

Edward Ma

District 80 Past District Governor (2009-2010)

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