“If you are an experienced member, Speechcraft is a great opportunity for you to present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members. It can be offered as an integral part of your club meeting or as a seminar style program presented outside your club. The content can be delivered in four, six or eight sessions.”

Speechcraft is also beneficial to club growth:

  • When you present speechcraft inside the club setting, its easier for particpants to become members.
  • If you present it outside the club setting, the sessions can lead to the formation of new Toastmasters club”

Toastmasters International

Speechcraft can also be deemed as an extended workshop on both Communication and Leadership. All participants will be supported by a team of very able presentors, mentors and a coordinator. Speechcraft allows our seasoned members who have sharpened their saws many times over to not only present the fundamentals but also share their vast experience with new members and most importantly potential new members. Its a show case of what Toastmasters is all about and all the good it can do if you join as a member.

Speechcraft is essentially designed for non-Toastmasters in mind. It has the following added benefits:-

  • It will help the butterflies fly in formation
  • It will assist you to organize your thoughts in a structured manner
  • It will teach you how to write a speech
  • It will help you communicate better with your audience

By conducting a speechcraft session, there are real benefits to be gained if done correctly:-

  • Membership Growth
  • New and prospective members will learn about the meeting roles
  • Share the benefits of Toastmasters with the Community.

In most instances, participants who sign up for speechcraft will be your prospective new members provided they are impressed and can see the benefits of the program throughout the speechcraft session.

Finally, why not combine speechcraft graduation with new members induction ceremony.

If you have already started preparing for speechcraft or seriously contemplating of doing so immediately, please contact your Area Director or Division Director for further details.

Each club which has planned and will execute a speechcraft program will be given 8 original Participants Workbooks free of cost to kick start the session. As stocks are limited and due to the overwhelming demand this term, the books will be distributed on a first come first served basis and subject to certain teams and conditions.

Hurry! Contact your Area Director or Division Director for further details. They will assist you with the request process for the workbooks whilst stocks last.


Best Wishes Speechcrafters!

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