District Director’s Message


It is a new term. A new beginning.

Perhaps it is also a good time for us to ponder over some questions that we should be asking ourselves.

“Where Leaders Are Made”. What kind of leaders are we talking about?

“We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”. Do we “create” (instead of build) new clubs just to make up the numbers to be Distinguished? Do we “support” clubs by paying their membership dues so that the clubs do not fold up in the current term?

We want to be a President’s Distinguished District that is built on a solid foundation. We need leaders who will do the right things and will do them right. We need leaders who uphold our core values of Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence. We need leaders who put the benefits to our members as their top priority, instead of blindly chasing the numbers.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing, and our main thing is Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence.






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  1. As for the international proposals, I have a concern on 3 of the 7.
    Proposal A- To me this is counter intuitive to the idea of voting members in and out, if a member can pay their own dues even if an officer must supposedly verify it, it can be more of a challenge to get it reversed. Plus, a member may be inclined to pay international dues but not club dues because they would have to do that separately. Most clubs can not accept credit cards so even new members can not process their whole charge in one transaction without using cash or a check. Thus I think should be a NO vote, leave things the way they are.

    Proposal B- Moving the date of dues to policy means the board can change things without a vote or any say by the clubs, to me not something we should allow to happen without input. Do not give more power to the board and headquarters than they already have.
    Vote NO

    Proposal D- Requiring all candidates to be evaluated by the ILC, even floor candidates says they are the know all of who should be on the board. Nominating committee do not always know what is best and the clubs should be allowed to make the final opinion. Plus, with this requirement it may preclude someone from running from the floor at the last minute. How can we guarantee the ILC can evaluate someone who decides to run on August 1 and only has less than 3 weeks to do their job when it takes months for the normal process and they do not always review all candidates anyways. FACT: The ILC does not always interview all candidates, whether applications are submitted on time. If there is a favorite ‘son’, they may not review other candidates because they know they will appoint or approve others, yet they have not released a candidate until the end of the review process. Even when an intent to run is received while the ILC is still reviewing or searching for candidates, they have refused to interview a candidate yet later interview a candidate they found in their search. This is a true reality.
    Vote NO or proposal D.

    I am also a world wide statistician and have tracked every district since 2004! If you want my tracking tool for your specific district, let me know and I will send it to you. It will help you stay on track, giving you payment projections at any time of the year. I can also provide a breakdown of your payment goal by area.
    Robert O’Donnell, PDG, 818-620-2448

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