District Leadership Committee Report

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Election on 27th May 2017, Saturday. 10.15am

The District Leadership Committee Chair, Michael Rodrigues DTM has completed and finalized the Nominations of District Officers for elections (2017 – 2018). His report is stated below. The election will be held at the District Council Meeting on 27th May 2017, Saturday at 10.15am at the Multi-Purpose Room #02-01, Senja-Cashew Community Club, 101 Bukit Panjang Road, Singapore 679910

Members who meets the eligibility requirement for a role may run from the floor as “floor candidates”.
All candidates, including floor candidates, shall read and follow the procedure as per Protocol 9.0 District Campaigns and Elections, in the Articles of Incorporation of Toastmasters International.

Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections

Link: http://www.toastmasters.org/Leadership-Central/Governing-Documents#Protocol90DistrictCampaignsandElections478

Here are some informations to take note. For full details please refer to the above link.

6. Campaign Communications

A. A campaign communication is any message, in any form (such as phone calls, postal mail, email and facsimile) unsolicited by the recipient that promotes or publicizes a candidate.

B. Photographs, audio, video, and electronic representations in all campaign materials and displays, and on the candidate’s website and social networking profiles, related to this campaign may be of the candidate only; no other persons are permitted. All candidates are responsible for obtaining written permission for any quotes and testimonials used in candidate campaign materials and displays, on websites and social networking profiles. Proof of written permission may be requested for review by the district director.

C. Unsolicited subscriptions to information by or about a candidate are not permitted.

D. Communications by the district in connection with a candidate’s presentation at a district conference, and internal communication among campaign team members, are not considered campaign communications.

E.The district director provides contact information to nominated candidates and floor candidates only after receiving their Officer Agreement and Release Statement.

I. Only district council members’ contact information is provided.

II. The contact information may only be used for campaign purposes.

F. District candidates shall only send two campaign communications. These communications may only be sent to members of the district council:

I. The first communication may be sent between January 1 and March 31.

II. The second communication may be sent between the announcement of the DLC results and the district council’s annual meeting.

G. Candidates may have a website and use social media to promote their candidacy. No district or club social media sites or websites may be used to promote any individual candidate. District and club websites may list the nominated candidates.

H. Candidates are prohibited from participating in Toastmasters-related discussion groups on websites, including social networking sites, for campaign purposes.

I. District candidates may use the Toastmasters trademarks, including the logo and the names “Toastmasters” and “Toastmasters International,” on printed and electronic campaign materials, websites and social media sites. Use of the trademarks on any other items requires the written permission of the Chief Executive Officer.

J. Candidates may not produce or distribute any wearable campaign items (such as buttons, pins, hats, sashes, apparel, etc.).

K.At district conferences and district non-election meetings (such as area and division speech contests), nominated candidates and floor candidates may only distribute and display campaign materials in the Candidates’ Corner (if there is a Candidates’ Corner). Candidates or their representatives are responsible for the delivery, set-up, and removal of materials.

L. At district non-election meetings (such as area and division speech contests), candidates may be introduced as long as all candidates present are introduced.

M. Candidates may not host hospitality suites at any district event or contribute to a district hospitality suite. A hospitality suite is defined as a room where refreshments are provided and attendance is open to any member.

N. District officer candidates may speak and give educational presentations at district conferences, at a time other than during the district council’s annual meeting, at the discretion of the district director.

I. All candidates must receive equal opportunity.

II. The time, place, and length of presentation are identified by the district director.

O. Candidates may not present campaign speeches at any district non-election meeting, or campaign at any club meetings.

P.Advertisements in district publications, such as in newsletters, in conference programs, or on websites, by or on behalf of candidates for district office are not permitted.

The names of floor candidates are not published with the DLC report or in any other district publication.

My heartfelt thanks to District Leadership Committee Chair, Past District Governor, Michael Rodrigues DTM and his committee for the hard work, due diligence and impartiality in recommending the respective District Officer candidates.

Best Regards

Patricia Lum DTM
District Director 2016-2017
District 80
Empowering Members’ Journey.

Click here to download the Proxy Form 2nd DCM 27 May 2017

Dear District Director, Patricia Lum DTM,

The District Leadership Committee, comprising of the following:

PDG Michael Rodrigues DTM – Chairman (Appointed by you)
PID Augustine Lee DTM
PID PDG Poh Kim Siong DTM
PDG Edward Ma DTM
PDG Chew Ban Seng DTM
PDD Tay Yiang Ping DTM
Past Div. Gov. Helen Lee DTM

has completed our deliberations and finalized the Nominations of District Officers for elections (2017 – 2018). They are as follows:

District Director Tay Tiam Teang DTM
Program Quality Director Robert Ng ACS ALS
Club Growth Director Nurfaisah M. Bamadhaj ACB ALB
Div. A Director Fong Sook Nee Sue ACS CL
Div. B Director Gideon Cheong ACB CL
Div. B Director Rachie Lanka ACB CL
Div. D Director Gerald Ong ACG ALB
Div. D Director Karthik P. Sempath ACG ALB (withdrawn)
Div. E Director Yian Tay ACB ALB
Div. G Director Eric Tan CC CL
Div. L Director Gay Mui Hay ATMS CL
Div. S Director Carl Wong Hung Nee ACB (withdrawn)
Div. T Director Yeo Chai Tun DTM
Div. U Director Edwin Goh ACS ALB
Div. U Director Rajaletchumi Mahendran DTM
Div. V Director Lim Sor Lin ACB ALS
Div. Z Director Tan Yong Kee CC CL

Thank you and Best Regards,

Michael Rodrigues DTM
DLC Chairman.

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