Let’s End The Term With a Bang

Dear Members,

there are so much to do for the next 3 months. Whilst we will be kept busy attending to these events, I’m sure our excitement levels too will be on the rise in eager anticipation over the activities to come.

Business Meetings

The FUN conference starts with our final business meetings:

The 3rd DEC will be held from 9.00am to 10.30am

The 2nd DCM will be held from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Please do take note that the DEC is organized for Senior Officers, Divisions and Areas Directors.

The DCM is organized for Senior Officers, Divisions and Areas Directors, Club Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Education.

Please mark these dates down on your calendars and attend these sessions, which are absolutely free!

The District will send out the official notices to office bearers by April 27, 2017 .

Membership Growth / Speechcraft Program

As of March 2017, our membership growth continues to be healthy.

We are indeed fortunate that our clubs are working tirelessly to attract, recruit and retain members through tried and tested programs such as Speechcraft.

In this note, I’d like to share that I had the privilege to attend a Speechcraft program organized for ANZ TMC and headed by the Club President, Mohamad Saddiq. It was indeed an enlightening, engaging and effective session. We also had the pleasure of having Marshall from Star Millennium Advanced TMC who was busily recording his observations, takeaways and insights on the meeting. He had adopted this habit so that he could share his experiences with other club members on the excitement of the meetings. He has not only developed his own style of recording his observations but he has come to be well known for his sharing of meetings that it has become his personal branding as well as something his club is able to offer as a added value to other members.

Club Growth

Our Divisions Directors have been working tirelessly towards achieving the President Distinguished Division status. As such, each and every Division Director and their teams have been working doubly hard in leadership training, growing their clubs and following up on new club leads.

As a Division, we have been meeting monthly as well as hosting one-on-one discussions where we felt it would be more immediate, productive and necessary to do so. Your District Trio has also been closely liaising with club leadership in tackling their challenges, mitigating issues and inspiring them as necessary.

With just under 3 months to go, we are ready to leave a legacy for our successors and we want this leadership experience to be one of the proudest moments in our Toastmasters journey.

Membership Renewal

It’s that time of the year when we get to renew our TM memberships. Please do so as early as possible to avoid the inevitable last minute rush, which occurs annually. Our CGD team member, Chee Kim Loon and his team have been earnest in sending you email reminders. Please do check that your email addresses are up to date so that you’ll receive the membership renewal notice.

As of March 28, 2017, only 124 out of 229 clubs (54.1%) have submitted dues.

Congratulations to all clubs in areas B1 & B5, L2, T1, Z3 and Z4 for your early submission. Well Done.

DCP Goals

Congratulations everyone! Educational Goals are healthy. Please see PQD’s reports. Remember, to qualify for Distinguished Club Status and above, you will need a charter strength of 20 members or a net growth of 5 new members.

Personal Growth and Development

Work on your projects and complete your CCs and CLs. Do Look towards aligning your personal TM goals with your club’s for then you’ll be contributing even more substantively to your club’s successes. Keep on working towards your personal TM goals and feel the sense of satisfaction when you accomplish your personal as well as club goals.

As in every strong speech, you want to end it with a bang. Let’s make ours the strongest term yet and as a team united, let’s end the term with a bang too.


I look forward to celebrating a successful year with all of you.





“欢乐之旅” 年终大会将由召开年终常务会议开始。




请别认为区域执委会议(DEC)是为区域执委, 区总监与分区总监们而设立的。区域管理会议(DCM) 是为 区域执委、区总监与分区总监、分会会长、分会文教的学习所提供的。请腾出时间参与以上活动。 这些会议都是不收费的。

80区域将在 27/4之前发出公函通知各职务人员。


直至2017年3月, 我们会员人数的增长率是稳健的。

我们感到欣慰的是各分会都卯尽全力,在力所能及的范围内吸收新会员及保存旧有的会员。口才训练课程的推行, 在这两方面都带来不错的收效。

在这当儿,我将为大家分享我参加由ANZ TMC 会长Mohamad Saddiq 所主持的口才训练课程的经验。那真是一个具启发性、参与性、效率性强的会议。Star Millennium Advanced TMC 的会员Marshall 也忙碌地记录下会议时他所看到的情况、学习到的知识、以及见识到的智慧。为了能与没有出席会议的会友们分享他的学习过程, 他经常记录下他的学习经验。他这种独特的记录所见所闻的方式,不但使他在会友群中脱颖而出,更形成他的品牌。他在例会中分享的学习经验,为参加他的分会的会友增值。



作为一个区域,我们除了每月的例常会议外,当有需要,急不容缓、成效较高时,我们也进行1 对1 的会议。我们3位 经常与分会领袖一起商讨如何解决困难、如何面对挑战及如何鼓舞起会友们的士气。

我们离卸任时刻只有3个月。我们要使这领袖经验成为我们讲演历程中的最骄傲的时刻。 这也是我们留给接班人最宝贵的资产。


这又是缴交会费的时刻了。请早日为会员们呈交会费,避免像每年在最后猛冲时所造成的窘境。市场拓展小组的Chee Kim Loon及他的队友正在不断寄出电邮,提醒各位有呈交会费。请大家查阅邮址是否正确无误,以便顺利收到有关缴交会费的通知。

截至3月28日, 我们229个分会中只有124个分会(54.1%)已经上缴会费。 已经上缴会费的分区有:B1B5分区、L2分区,T1分区、Z3分区及Z4分区。 这是值得祝贺的。





每个精彩的演说都必须有强有力的结束语。让我们成为目前最强及最团结的组合! 同样的,让我们在本年度结束时,给予最强、大力度的震撼。

我期待与大家 一起庆贺成功的一年。



Patricia Lum , DTM

District 80 Director

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