Program Quality Director’s 2017 Message

Tempus fugit, and we are already six months into our current program year.

As of 30 November 2016, we have awarded 170 CCs, 30 ACBs, 10 ACSs, 11 ACGs, 77 CLs, 43 ALBs, 18 ALSs, 15 Leadership Excellence Awards and 19 DTMs. That’s a total of 393 education/leadership awards, of which there are 19 Triple Crown Award winners. Congratulations to all the award achievers.

With the imminent roll-out of Toastmasters Pathways, our education system will be revamped, and there will be a completely different education/leadership achievement recognition scheme. The existing recognition scheme will be terminated after the transition period to the new scheme, and education/leadership awards will not be transferable to the new scheme. Members are urged to put in their best effort to attain the highest education/leadership awards before the termination of the existing recognition scheme. To continue incentivize our members to strive for education and leadership excellence, the district will extend the recognition scheme

On club DCP achievement, the following clubs have attained 5 or more than 5 DCP goals as of 16 December 2016:

Congratulations to all club officers and members of the above clubs for qualifying as Distinguished Clubs or better. Our incentives for clubs to continue striving for DCP achievements are still running.

For membership retention, each Area that achieves 100% of clubs with full April dues payment by 31 March 2017 will receive $50 cash credit. By full April dues, we mean the April dues payments must at least equal to Oct 2016 dues payments. Let us put in our effort to ensure that our members continue to retain their membership and continue to benefit from the Toastmasters program.

It is time of the year again when we review what we have achieved in the year 2016, and chart a new course to achieve even higher goals for 2017. I wish all our members a happy and prosperous New Year.




–      醉花林讲演会 (完成了9个目标)

–      中华总商会讲演会 (完成了9个目标)

–      茂桥讲演会(完成了9个目标)

为鼓励现有会员继续缴费为合格会员,80区域推出新的奖励计划;分区达到所有所属分会于2017年3月31日前缴足4月份会费,那么该分区将获得$50 奖励(拨入区常年预算专供分区使用)。


Tay Tiam Teang, DTM
Program Quality Director

District 80

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