District 80 Director : Happy New Year Everyone!


Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Happy New Year!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

Its wonderful that you are enjoying a merry Year-End holiday judging from the many messages on Facebook and Whatsapp groups we had the pleasure of receiving.  Our well-deserved rest gave us a chance to recharge, relax and explore new avenues and challenges.

We are excited as 2017 is upon us. That is to say we have travelled one more time round the sun. Isn’t that a marvelous wonder?  With the New Year around the corner we have many things to be thankful for in 2016. We are thankful for what we have learnt and the wonderful friendships we have forged. Amongst these blessings we are thankful for the fulfilling journeys we enjoyed with Toastmasters.

But then, we have lots to catch up. Some 6 clubs have yet to make their October dues. And it is with some regret that I have to announce that a few of these have decided to close.  This piece of news has a great impact on our district and we are working to reverse the situation and mitigate the fallout if any.

Further, 39 clubs are below chartered strength and our Leaders are engaged with these clubs to help them organize speechcraft programs , a time-tested strategy to enable them to increase their membership and to strengthen the club.

Club Growth: District is scaling up on the progress of this area which has been slow in taking shape. The District Trio has met up with the individual Division Director to explore strategies to improve the situation and they are working hard to maintain a steady growth for the district.

At the same time, we turn our attention to events that took place which have helped to keep our spirits high.

Area Visits: Thank you for 100% Area Director visits goals achieved. Congratulations to CGD, Harikrishnan and his team of tireless Area Directors for the commitments and hard work.

DCP Goals: Thank you Club Presidents, Club Exco and members for your DCPs achievements.   A record 200 out of 266 clubs have achieved 3 goals and more. Congratulations to PQD, Tay Tiam Teang for his focus in these areas.

2nd District Leadership Training was a success. We thank CGD, Harikrishnan and his team for helming the training. We had 70 members who turned up and gave a positive “thumbs Up” for the revamped training methodologies. Each division was given 30 minutes to work on an impromptu assignment and given 5 minutes for the presentation. The new training methods and ideas were brought back by the Trio’s who were privileged to receive these training in Washington, D.C. We benefitted from our experience and are glad to have the opportunity to pass it on to our members.

Year-End Gathering. The district also held a mini gathering for our district leaders immediately after the DLT. The highlight was entertainment from Money Mastery TMC. We thank them for their mastery in entertainment as well as in achieving their club’s mission. To date, the club has 45 members and is growing stronger year on year. Past Club President, Chai Pei Shan put their success stories on its active mentoring program, fun themed-chapter meetings and camaraderie. “MMTMC focuses on our members and educational growth. Many of us value the friendships within the club. We stay true to our club mission statement, “Dedicated mentoring, in the mastery of public speaking and leadership, in a warm and vibrant family. At the end of the day, we want our members to be happy, celebrate successes and learn from our failures, as one family.” We have much to emulate from this successful club.

New in our program is also the District Leadership Committee Introductory Meeting being helmed by District Leadership Committee Chair, Michael Rodrigue, DTM. This meeting was initiated to explain the workings of The District Leadership Committee in nominating the next set of District Leaders for District 80, 2017-2018.  It also strove to give the Division Directors and their successors a more comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and duties of their roles. The speakers included Poh Kim Siong, DTM, Edward Ma, DTM, Chew Ban Seng, DTM, Tay Yiang Ping, DTM and Michael Rodrigues.

2nd Trio Mid-Year Training. The next District Trio training sessions will be held in Bangkok from 12 to 16 January. We hope to learn more from this training and return with more wonderful insights to share with our members.

COT2 begins in January. Clubs are encouraged to send their officers for the COT2. This round, it is important to share and inspired each other’s experiences and challenges and to bring these lessons back to benefit your clubs.

Like most other things in life, great things do not just happen by chance. We need to make a conscious effort to work on them. May the New Year bring you and your club members bountiful rewards, good health and good cheers. Let’s now all work hard together for an even more successful 2017.

On behalf of all of us at  District 80, we wish you a wonderful year ahead and that you’ll enjoy all that 2017 has in store for you.


Patricia Lum

District Director

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