Program Quality Director’s Message : Remember Your Promise


I am so delighted to announce that our members have been diligently presenting their prepared speech projects and fulfilling their respective leadership roles in the past three months since the beginning of the current term. As of 26 September 2016, we have awarded 103 CC’s, 15 ACB’s, 9 ACS’s, 10 ACG’s, 45 CL’s, 25 ALB’s, 18 ALS’s and 19 DTM’s. That’s a total of 249 education/leadership awards, of which there are 9 Triple Crown Award winners. Congratulations to all the award achievers.

District 80’s incentives for members to continue striving for education and leadership excellence are still running.

On club DCP achievement, the following clubs have attained 5 or more than 5 DCP goals:

  • NUS Toastmasters Club (8 DCP goals met)
  • IBM Toastmasters Club Singapore (6 DCP goals met)
  • Ang Mo Kio C.C. Club (6 DCP goals met)
  • Tampines Changkat Toastmasters (6 DCP goals met)
  • Buona Vista Toastmasters Club (6 DCP goals met)
  • Toastmasters Club Of Singapore (6 DCP goals met)
  • SIM I Club (5 DCP goals met)
  • Braddell Heights II Toastmasters Club (5 DCP goals met)
  • SCCCI Mandarin Club (5 DCP goals met)
  • TLCS Club (5 DCP goals met)
  • Bharathiyar Toastmasters Club (5 DCP goals met)

Congratulations to all club officers and members of the above clubs for qualifying as Distinguished Clubs or better.

All of us can achieve more by committing ourselves to our undertaking when we joined the Toastmasters program, our promise as a Toastmaster. I quote our International President Mike Storkey DTM:

“It is regrettable that today so few members recall the vital promise we all made when we first joined—the simple set of guidelines that, if we made the commitment to observe, would ensure that individually and collectively we would all reap the benefits of the Toastmasters program. Imagine how your club would look if we all made the commitment to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the simple 10-point promise. With our current drive to achieve quality clubs, meetings and service to our members, what better way to achieve these goals than commit to the promise?”


Tay Tiam Teang

Tay Tiam Teang, DTM
Program Quality Director

District 80








–      NUS Toastmasters Club (完成了8个目标)

–      IBM Toastmasters Club Singapore (完成了6个目标)

–      茂桥讲演会(完成了6个目标)

–      Tampines Changkat Toastmasters (完成了6个目标)

–      Buona Vista Toastmasters Club (完成了6个目标)

–      Toastmasters Club Of Singapore (完成了6个目标)

–      SIM I Club (完成了5个目标)

–      Braddell Heights II Toastmasters Club (完成了5个目标)

–      中华总商会华语讲演会(完成了5个目标)

–      TLCS Club (完成了5个目标)

–      Bharathiyar Toastmasters Club (完成了5个目标)






  • 每次出席例会活动
  • 依照《沟通與領导手冊》或《高级沟通與領导手冊》的指导,对每个单元作业均全力以赴,做好准备
  • 乐意接受例会的工作任务,並且为任务做好準备
  • 为会友提供积极性、建設性的讲評
  • 协助讲演会營造积极、友善的环境,以供会友学习与成長
  • 乐意接受提名担任讲演会分会职务人员
  • 以尊重和礼貌的态度对待会友、接待來宾
  • 邀请来宾参加例会活动,让他們体验加入讲演会的好处
  • 遵照国际讲演会教育体系的升級制度,努力进修
  • 以诚实与高度道德水准,办理国际讲演会所有活动



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