District 80 Director’s Opening Address For The Term


Day break has come and morning has broken.

As a brand new dawn ushers in, so too has our term begun with newly set goals, newly targeted achievements and a whole host of powerful new dreams waiting to be realized.

Bob Dylan once sang how ‘..the times, they are a-changing..,’ and he could very well have been talking about our Toastmasters journey. We are greatly energized by the new plans which we believe will discover, sharpen and further our skills both as speakers par excellence as well as leaders of integrity and compassion. We will serve by empowering you to achieve your personal goals, chart club successes as well as ensure that the district is able to support, inspire and guide as you set about accomplishing your plans.

By way of preparing for this new, enthralling Members’ Journey, I sought to attend as many meetings as I could and I was enchanted to realize that wherever I went, members were indeed excited and prepared to begin on our new journey and that they too willingly and gladly shared the dreams they had for themselves as well as their clubs. As the club president of newly minted St John’s Toastmasters club, John Seen, quipped at his inaugural club meeting,

“Start with a big dream and dream with me as we continue on this journey”. Deeply impassioned and moving words indeed.

“You only live once, go places you never dreamt you’ll go”. “The time to start is now”. Inspiring words from Ivan, a new member who spoke at Tampines West TMC.

Star Millennium TMC spoke about regenesis, renewal, and revisiting. They were excited about their club’s new goals as well as completing more members’ individual educational goals.

The Area meetings too are bustling with great energy and at Area L6,’s joint installation by Area Director, Jacky Tan Zhe Qi, I heard messages that extolled members to continue moving forward, focus on doing better than what they had achieved previously and most interestingly how being good is no longer good enough. You should want to be the best in whatever you decided to do. The messages emphasized how they wanted to “learn together, grow together” in this new empowering journey. Simply sensational messages and such motivating sessions!

The Divisions too are well geared to take on the challenges ahead.  Division V held their COT 1 on 2nd July and I could see how everyone were raring to start even before the word, “Go”.

But then, District 80 after all is a mature district, with experienced veteran leaders who don’t wait for things to happen, but instead who make things happen.

I am simply so grateful and gratified to be part of such energized, experienced and eclectic groups of members.

So if you are a brand new Toastmaster, remember that now is the best time to start your toastmasters journey. Seek and you will find experienced mentors, and fellow members who are familiar with the movement and who are always ready to offer you a helping hand whenever you need one.

If you are already an experienced Toastmaster, do continue with your  communicator and leadership awards. This will then help you be prepared to produce your best in your public speaking, communication and leadership journeys.

My fervent hope and wish then is for you all to continue to making beautiful speeches, excel in your leadership roles by meeting district goals and consistently exceeding your limits. I believe you will make your term an even more memorable one by personally touching the lives of those you come into contact with.  After all, toastmasters is a platform that helps you empower one another as well as make lifelong friends.

Beginning now, the district is ready to welcome our 1st new member, our 1st new competent communicator and yes, our 1st new club and we are ready to celebrate your 1st of all your many successes..

And we need to continually remind ourselves of the need to be better tomorrow than today.

I am all eyes and I am listening.

Do let me share your success stories and soon.


Patricia Lum, DTM


Empowering Members’ Journey






以新创的St. John 讲演会为例,其会长 John Seen 会友在第一次例会上风趣地说道:“我一开始就做大梦,梦见大家跟我一起做美梦,一起迈开讲演之旅。”会长的这番话打动人心,令我感动。
有一位新会友Ivan,在Tampines West 讲演会上说:“人生苦短,要敢于追梦,去到你想去的地方和境界,今天就马上开始行动吧!”


Star Millennium 讲演会领袖则吁请大家通过重新开创、重新出发、重新省思的三重思考,为该会注入新的元素,设定新的会务指标,协助更多会友达到个人的文教体系目标。


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  1. It has been several years (5 or 6?) since the re-branding of Toastmasters. When I arrived in Singapore two years ago I was surprised that many clubs here are still displaying banners with the old logo, and I am even more dismayed, these are still in use today.

    The re-branding had a cost (to the members and the organisation), and it is a shame that we allow our District to continue to use the old logo after a lapse of so many years. I spoke to a District 80 officer about this two years back, but apparently no action has been taken. Doesn’t the District have a duty to instruct all clubs using banners with the old logo to fall in line with the re-branding – especially after so many years?

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