Club Growth Director’s Opening Message


Harikrishnan Muthusamy, DTM

Club Growth Director District 80

Toastmasters provides everyone an opportunity and an environment to develop their Communication an Leadership Skills, which transforms an individual’s self-confidence and personal growth. These abilities and skills, makes an individual an invaluable asset to any organisation, state or nation.

For the term 2016 – 2017,  District 80 wish to “Empower” each and every member of Toastmasters, a leader in his or her own right, therefore, the theme this term is “Empowering Members’ Journey”.

Toastmasters provides the opportunity to excel and I wish all Toastmasters in District 80 to achieve the ultimate success they perceive in their respective “Empowering Journey”.

Charter more clubs and recruit more members, while retaining existing members, to make the “Empowering Members Journey” an enjoyable and worth while.


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