District Director Message – 30 June 2021

30 June 2021

Dear Members of District 80

Today marks the last day of the Toastmasters term 2020/2021 and I am writing to you for the last time as the District Director of District 80.

I thank you for your resilience staying as a member of the Toastmasters in this difficult time. 

In a calm sea, everyone can be a good sailor.  Our sailing skills can only be tested in a rough sea.  If we treat the term 2020/2021 as a rough sea, I am glad to say that we not only have sailed through it unscathed, we have done well and emerged stronger.

During the term, almost all Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore have to meet online for the entire term.  We not only adapted to this new format of meeting, we have also learned many new skills and techniques speaking in front of a camera.  Many even took the opportunity to join meetings of clubs in different countries across the world as travelling is not required.  Our network expanded.

A few days ago, I wrote to all the Club Presidents to inform them that the Toastmasters activities can be classified under Speech and Drama of the National Arts Council group of activities.  We are now allowed to have in person meetings of up to 30 persons subject to the Safe Management Measures and the capacity cap of the venue.

For Distinguished District Program that the performance of all Districts in the world are measured on, our performance for the term is respectable comparing with the other 123 Districts in the world, and also comparing with the recent past 3 terms.  This would not have happened without your support and commitment to achieve the best that we can.  Thank you.

Comparing with the Other 123 Districts in the World

Figure Above: District 80 Performance in the 3 Categories of the Distinguished District Program.

As of 28 June 2021, we are ranked amongst the top 18% in world in all 3 Distinguished District Program measurements.  We are still working on reviving a couple of clubs and in the process of submitting charter documents for 3 new clubs.  The District Performance will only be finalized on 13 July 2021 after World Headquarters concludes the June 2021 monthly business.

Comparing with Recent 4 Terms

6 Divisions (Division B, D, E, L, V and Z) have achieved President’s Distinguished Divisions and 2 Divisions (Division G and T) have achieved Select Distinguished Divisions and will end up as President’s Distinguished Divisions if the charter documents of the new clubs can be processed in time. That will make 8 Divisions achieving President’s Distinguished, the highest in the recent 4 terms.

As of 28 June 2021, 6 Areas have achieved President’s Distinguished Area, 18 Areas have achieved Select Distinguished Areas and 14 Areas have achieved Distinguished Areas, the highest in the recent 4 terms.

As of 28 June 2021, 100 Clubs have achieved President’s Distinguished Club, 18 Clubs have achieved Select Distinguished Clubs and 19 Clubs have achieved Distinguished Clubs, the highest percentage in the recent 4 terms.

For the coming new term, I am happy to see a group of capable and enthusiastic new leaders elected to lead the District.  I believe they will continue the good work and bring District 80 to even greater heights.

I hope to meet you in person when situation allows.  I may not have met you before, so please step forward to say hello.

Wishing you and your family happy and healthy.  Please continue to enjoy the Toastmasters journey.

Yours faithfully

Ng Cher Khim, DTM

District Director 2020-2021 District 80