District Director Message – May 2021

1 May 2021

Dear Members of District 80

Hope you and your family are keeping well.

This is my second last bi-monthly letter to you as the District Director of District 80.  My last letter will be on the last day of the term to bid farewell.

Over the last 10 months of this term, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have been greatly impacted, mostly in a negative way.  Fortunately, most of us are able to adjust our lifestyle to this new normal.  There are also some of us who are yet to recover from the impact of the pandemic because of the loss of jobs, reduction of income, away from loved ones etc.  Let us keep the faith that all these will eventually pass and we will all emerge stronger.

I know many of you are eager to go back to in person meetings.  I have written to the different government agencies to seek permission to allow in-person Toastmasters meetings of up to 50 participants.  There are a few emails to and from some agencies but I am yet to get a confirmation on when they can grant us that permission.  Of course, I do understand that the agencies have to be very careful of granting permission for larger group gatherings.  Should a new breakout occur, larger clusters will be more difficult to control. 

We are now on the last lap of the term 2020/2021.  As a District, our performance is good as compared to other Districts in the world.  As of 28 April 2021, amongst the 124 Districts in the world, we are in the 15th position in number of clubs, 21th position in membership payments and 16th position in percentage of clubs achieved Distinguished Club status.  However, the absolute numbers do not look as good.  As I have mentioned before, if you are hungry, other people around you are hungrier than you should not bring you comfort.  You are still hungry.  To solve your hunger, you will need to find food.

Similarly, even performing better than most other Districts in the world, we are still short of 9 clubs and 1479 members to bring the District to a Distinguished District by the end of June 2021.  We need to increase the number of clubs and members.  We need your help.

The Toastmasters training program is a marvelous program that can benefit most people in their career.  Please invite people around you to attend Toastmasters events like speech contests, seminars, workshops, club meetings ……  Let them experience the fun of attending these events which could also benefit them in their career.

Charter a club at the place you work or other social and professional organsations that you belong to, and leave a legacy.  Club Growth Director Kathy Toh, your Division Directors, Area Directors, their teams, and I are ready to help you charter the club if you bring the leads to us.

Let us complete this last lap of the term 2020/2021 strong so that looking back in the future, we can feel proud to have emerged stronger despite of the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I look forward to meeting you in person soon.  Take care.

Yours faithfully

Ng Cher Khim, DTM District Director 2020-2021